Labor Management

Time Tracking, Labor Management, and Absence Control

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Track time

Workday Timekeeping relies heavily on tracking employee hours accurately in various ways. These methods include time tracking via Workday Timekeeping's time-tracking functions as well as using third party time-tracking services, like Coasy Time or Toggl Time to gather such data.


Online or mobile timecards allow workers to keep an accurate log of their hours worked each week, which managers can approve in accordance with company policy and labor law requirements. Employees can log on/out using clocks, biometric readers or mobile devices in order to measure attendance accurately.

Workday Timekeeping utilizes rules engine technology to automatically capture employee hours based on system use and task assignments.

Labor Management

Timekeeping requires labor management features like Workday Timekeeping's Labor Manager to optimize costs while meeting all regulations and collective bargaining agreements. These features help manage labour expenses more effectively while complying with any collective agreements or labor regulations in force.

Workday Timekeeping allows firms to assign hours based on employee job tasks and activities to various cost centers, departments or projects within an organization. Labor Productivity: Comparing actual to planned or budgeted hours allows organizations to increase labor productivity while optimizing worker usage.

Labor Compliance

At Workday Timekeeping, our enforcement services for minimum wage, overtime pay and collective bargaining agreement provisions help firms comply with labor laws and agreements

Absence Management

Timekeeping necessitates absence management features like Workday Timekeeping's to accurately track accruals, monitor employee absences and ensure compliance with policies and labor requirements. Workday Timekeeping's absence management features include tracking accruals over time as well as employee absence management features like tracking accruals over time as well as meeting labor compliance.

Absence Request and Approval

Employees can submit absence requests through an automated self-service portal and managers can either approve or deny them based on company policy and labor law compliance.
Workday Timekeeping manages employee accruals such as vacation days, sick leave accrual, personal days accruals automatically for effortless scheduling management.
Workday Timekeeping allows employers to customize attendance plans - including policies, rules and calendars - in order to monitor employee attendance and comply with labor laws.


Today's fast-evolved corporate environment demands robust time tracking, labor management and absence management solutions such as Workday Timekeeping that offer time savings by automating time-consuming processes; automating saves time while decreasing errors while meeting labor laws and company regulations with no violations occurring during their implementation process. Any organization looking to manage workforce expenditures more efficiently needs Workday Timekeeping's extensive capabilities, flexibility and user interface capabilities - plus no downtime when using them!

Stay tuned! In our next blog post, we will examine how Workday Timekeeping connects to Payroll, Benefits and Performance Management to create a complete Human Capital Management system. Stay tuned!

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